Sophie Ward and Mary Portas

TATLER Lesbian Ball

Dresses spangled, naughty laughter howled, the dance floor literally quaked to the sound of Rhianna and an unwise amount of Moet was consumed: it can only have been the Tatler Lesbian ball. The cream of the female crop flocked to the ravishingly beautiful 29 Portland Place ballrooms for a man-free party held in honour of Tatler’s August issue celebrating powerful women and championing talented lesbians. In a move not seen from the hallowed towers of Conde Nast for nigh on 19 years, editor Kate Reardon felt it was high time the society magazine let its true (pink) colours shine, bringing such strong female role models to the fore.

With guests including high fashion priestess and now government advisor Mary Portas, the delicious Gillian Anderson (pioneer of the Pre-raphaelite red locks look currently trending), Alison Goldfrapp, Christine Hamilton who regaled us with wicked conversation about her ‘tarts trousers’, the pretty girls of Made in Chelsea and a very fetching turn out from Natalie Massanet, the party was, as cult videographer Daisy Jenks film had it, Sexy. And it most definitely knew it.